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Name: Me-chan
Birthday: Sept 29th
Sexual Orientation: Do I even have one idk anymore
Dad’s Name: Dad
School Status: School is currently MIA


Drink?: Not yet
Smoke?: No
Eat cake?: All the time
Believe in True Love?: I’d have to see it to believe it
Afraid of the dark?: Only what’s in it
Cat person: Yes
Virgin?: Yes


Shampoo: I’m not picky
Disney song: How could I possibly choose………
Actress: idk man idk
Car: Cool ones
Person: !!!!!!!!!!!!
Type of Weather: Snow
Color: Anything but that one shade of blue that pisses everyone off
90s Sitcom: ????????


What is your special talent/skill as a roleplayer?  

I can become the character, at a great cost to my remaining mental health.

What is your favorite type of roleplay genre, and why?


Why did you pick your muse?

It just kinda… happened.

If you could write any other muse - but know you don’t have the muse for him/her - who would it be?

Uh. I can pull muse for just about anyone out if need be. I guess Nizou, not because I couldn’t write him so much as there really isn’t any place for him in most plots and no one likes him so what would I even do???

What is one thing you think you need to work on as a partner?

I need to actually do things within the timeframe I set myself.

What would be your warning label to other roleplayers?

"Describes favourite RP genre as ‘VIOLENT, SOUL-CRUSHING ANGST’; can fill an Olympic swimming pool with how not sorry she is about what happens on this blog. And swim in it."

What is your favorite episode/scene of your muse?

Whoa. Uh, that’s hard to choose, let’s just say the conversation with Takasugi wins by default because it has Takasugi in it and leave it at that.

What crack!ships do you have for your muse?

BanMatsu stopped being crack and started being painful at the soonest possible moment but I guess it counts.

What is your senpai blog for someone who plays the same muse as you?

The famous askbansai. I learn from the best.

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"I was joking about the wallet, to be clear." She pushes her hair back and half-smiles at him. "I’m doing okay for the most part and I got where I needed to go last time I saw you, but I am in a bit of a trouble spot right now. I’ve been separated from my dad, and his phone isn’t working. Have you seen a guy that looks kind of like me, but slightly taller and more paranoid? Maybe not speaking Japanese?"

"I should hope you were joking.” There isn’t a hint of humour in his voice, but he manages to keep it from sounding threatening at least. “I cannot say I have seen anyone of that description — either that, or I have seen too many and cannot narrow it down. I am not too good with faces, you know. Where did you see him last…?”

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"If it’s your wallet, that might be my fault. I’m missing something too, though. How’re you today, Shamisen-san?"

He checks his pockets instinctively. “Hmm? No, all is in order there… I am quite well, thank you, but that seems subject to change. And yourself? You did not meet with any trouble, I hope?”

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        You can build the biggest tomb you want — a mausoleum or a pyramid the size of a city —

        but it won’t make you any less dead, will it?

  • Independent OC for an original story.
  • Canon and OC from any fandom welcome.
  • Multi-ship, multi-verse.
  • AU-friendly, selectively M!A-friendly (barring the sexual variety).
  • Mun is 21, Muse is 19.
  • HOWEVER: Smut is discouraged for characterization reasons; other forms of NSFW such as violence and frightening elements are accepted.
  • 8+ years of RP experience, 2 on Tumblr.
  • Para/multi-para/chat/script — generally adaptive, but tend to write in AP style.
  • Mun is a part-time reporter and full-time nerd who is here to have a good time with all of you.
  • Muse is a jumpy, athletic, spirit-seeing shaman who performs spiritual cleanses on people’s houses for a living. He also hates to be touched and occasionally busks with a banjo.
  • Escribo en español también.

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// quick doodle because I was reminded this is canon and there will never be anything funnier than that like wHAT ARE YOU EVEN TRYING TO ACHIEVE

You don’t know shit about me, I don’t know shit about you. You don’t even know shit about you.

Lauren Oliver, Requiem (via wordsnquotes)

// today, instead of doing replies, i entertain my bizarre addiction to making things transparent and messing around with blog themes.

//you win all the prizes. Also I figured out why it’s heartwarming: Lex hates his body, so it stirs him a little bit whenever someone thinks any part of him is cool.

// But Bansai thinks he’s mostly cool. ok like half cool. like 50% cool 50% pathetic he is very conflicted. and Vlad is 50% cool 50% ENEMY SIGHTED, which is actually not conflicted at all.

imagines drunk Bansai telling Lex he’s “mostly cool. ok like half cool”

ARTIST: Florence + The Machine
TITLE: Drumming Song
ALBUM: Lungs

louder than sirens louder than bells sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell

2: a happy birthday card

To: Hozuki-san

From: Kawakami Bansai

I heard it was your birthday. I am not certain how I heard it, or why it stands out when I am ignoring thousands of other birthdays, or whether or not it is even true, but happy birthday nonetheless.

shaman-alexei asked:

5: a confession

Dear Alyosha-san,

I feel there is something I must tell you. Something that has been rather a challenge to put into words, with the way our recent encounters have transpired. Perhaps if things had gone differently, I would not need to write these words in such a cowardly way.

Perhaps if I’d said this sooner, before I lost what little of your respect I may have had, this would have meant much more.

I think your antlers are really cool.

Your not-quite-friend,