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"How would I know who those men are?" She scowls. Time was of the essence. There was no time to explain further."You could help me? how?" She stares at him,impatience burning in her eyes."You don’t even look like you could fight them. They have guns so just hide me,Okay?"

"You do not know, and yet you believe with such certainty that they will pursue you." The more impatient the woman grows, the more Bansai takes his time in responding: they are at an impasse, this much should be clear. He carefully surveys the area before asking, "How am I to know whether you tell the truth, with such vague details? It does not strike me as a wise choice to help you."

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"Chill. I don’t miss.

Not even a moment later, a powerful blast was released from the arm cannon.

And the building began breaking.



And all of the destruction seemed to only excite the prototype.

"See?" He began as he turned to face the other with a childlike grin. "I told ya I don’t miss."

And he hadn’t missed indeed.

"You may have said something like that." Bansai was distracted, strikingly nonchalant as he watched the building fall. Explosions were nothing new to him, but each left in its wake a unique sort of excitement, a song he couldn’t begin to describe.

Some part of him objected: he’d been joking, it was only his job to kill one person there, this made such a mess of things… but these conflicting thoughts were cleared up quickly. He felt a strange delight in the panic beginning to spread — he grinned to match the expression on the robot’s face.

"You’ve done so very well…" he seemed for a moment to consider patting the robot on the head, but stopped himself — "but I suppose it would be best not to stand around here too much longer?"

The Enemy of My Enemy



Vlad shook his head and looked down at the blood on his hand. He’d have to take care of it sooner or later.

"To answer your question, my employers know nothing about this," he answered. "Not that they need to. I succeed at work without it, so I wish to keep it a secret."

He kept checking Nishiko over to make sure there was nothing he had missed.

"I would not consider it a waste to save Bansai-san’s life," Vlad said. "Not even factoring in that he is a killer, or that he tried to murder my son. No matter what he has done, he is still a person who deserves help when his life is in danger."

Although, he noted mentally, he wouldn’t have felt too bad if he needed to put Bansai in his place later.

Alexei had watched the whole ordeal, far more shocked at the amount of blood spurting from Tanaka-sensei’s arm than he was about how his father decided to stop it. Nonetheless, he had gotten a taste of Takasugi’s methods before — that alone made him fear for his father, regardless of whether he agreed with him or not.

He looked to Bansai, thinking of the wounds his father had closed earlier in the evening. Alexei knew his father’s ability wasn’t perfect — Tanaka-sensei would probably be bruised, and he could tell where the remnants of Bansai’s injuries were, but it had done the job.

"Don’t be too shocked," Alexei said. "He’s helped worse people before."

Dyakov’s demonstration had been well worth the risk taken. In fact, Takasugi hadn’t considered for a second that the doctor might not co-operate. Good people (or at least those who thought themselves good people) were easy to predict and manipulate. 

Nishiko was staring at him with anger and resentment plain in her eyes. But she wouldn’t break on him yet; he was sure of her. 

Dyakov’s justification of his actions was shallow and uninteresting. He was reminded again that there were some people who believed that all lives were sacred or worthwhile, when that was clearly not the case. You couldn’t argue with them. They started with this premise, and clung to it like a sacred doctrine. 

Perhaps he could have stabbed Bansai instead of Nishiko, after all. 

Alyosha’s contribution furthered his annoyance. He’d hoped that they would distance themselves from Bansai, but father and son both seemed to take the news Bansai was a killer as already-accepted fact.

"Worse people? I doubt it," he said curtly. "Most ordinary crimes, no matter how despicable they seem, are committed only because someone wants something: money, fame, power, love, sexual gratification … Whereas we want nothing. Bansai isn’t just a murderer, you see. Are you, Bansai?”

There was far too much to take in; it’d be best to save thinking hard about all of this for later. He had to keep himself here, or things could get even worse. To think he’d been the one who started this.

Bansai knew what Takasugi was trying to do (he’d known every move in advance, for that matter, and had managed to almost entirely avoid reacting as this scene had played out) and he didn’t like it. No, he corrected himself, some irrational part of him that seemed to think things could ever have gone differently didn’t like it. This was, apart from Nishiko’s involvement, which he might have to apologize for later, an inevitable outcome.

There were plenty of ways to answer that question. And few of them were anything he hadn’t given away already — this knowledge sat heavy within him, but he smiled. “No… no, I am not.”

And he wasn’t — any sort of help was entirely wasted on him. Yet… these people had helped him, at no gain — rather, at great risk — to themselves. This was something that had a strange effect on him before, but now with Takasugi here it felt more like an act of sheer foolishness. Naivety he’d taken full advantage of. His only fault had been in knowing them in the first place.

Or perhaps the mistake there was not on his own part.

"Such a clever turn of words. Yes, 'nothing' is quite literally what we want. But these are not people who will listen to reason, are they?”

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Memory Meme


Past experiences help shape who we are currently, how we see the world. Send in a symbol and I’ll write a drabble of one of my muse’s memories. 

❥ - a childhood memory

♣ - a fading memory

 - a vivid memory

✖ - a repressed memory

✈ - an eye-opening memory

✤ - a memory that involves romance/love

☤ - a memory of death/loss

✍ - a memory of their mother

☽ - a memory of their father

♘ - a memory of their sibling(s)

✌ - a memory of a relative

↕ - a memory that may or may not have happened

♚ - a memory of something paranormal

✓ - a sexual memory

♬ - a friend/best friend memory



"Ugh! Oh…" A look of surprise and fear flashes across her face. The man came out of nowhere, startling her like a deer caught in the headlights. "Sorry, I didn’t know where to go. Some men were after me. I need a place to hide. Can you help me please?"

Right — perhaps he should have taken a better approach. But there’s no time to apologize, as now it’s his turn to be startled. “Who were these men?” he asks immediately, then corrects himself — “I certainly could help, but I haven’t anywhere safe to hide you.”

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*points at romance* what the FUCK is that

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The 9th icon in your folder is your muse’s reaction to meeting the mun for the first time.

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