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B) Indie Protoman/Breakman/Blues RP blog with elements from Ruby-Spears cartoon and Game canons.
Archie canon will likely be added once I get a chance to read the comics.

B) Tries to stay relatively close to canon, but due to the differences in various canons some headcanons will diverge. 

B) 10+ years of on and off RP experience. Roughly a year and a half on tumblr. 

B) Mostly crack and short prose but also open to para, multi-para, ect. 

B) AU, crossover, and OC friendly

B) Somewhat selective when it comes to more serious/longer threads.

B) Open to darker themes and mature content that isn’t sexual in nature.

B) Mun is a super rad art student, and also the mod of teruyaki so activity will be sporadic. 

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i would follow you to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining 


If you think instrumental music is stupid you can decrescendo out of my life

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This is my favorite motherfucking thing about getting closer to Halloween every FUCKING YEAR

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//You said it. Literally the fact that he’s able to do all those things seamlessly and often simultaneously is what makes him both scary and compelling. Anything less would be a disservice to him, but you kill it!

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//THE MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES THING THO. Literally characters like that are not only hard to relate to but completely dehumanized. The fact that your Bansai is all those things just makes me love him more tbh

// I could write a 10-page composite essay on why it’s wrong to give Bansai (or anyone who doesn’t canonically have DID tbh, but I’m the Bansai expert, not a social justice warrior) multiple personalities, but I won’t… I’m only bringing it up because it’d completely undermine all the characterization he has here. Like, it is so important that he can have two jobs that require different kinds of acting and role-filling and interacting with people and skills and everything. And it’s so important that he can think up twenty different ways to kill the person he’s being friendly with in an instant, that he wouldn’t regret it if he did (apart from “huh, I kinda miss that person….”) but he still doesn’t. And it’s so important that he is both that completely benign if eccentric guy who carries a musical instrument everywhere and is almost inappropriately formal and the raving lunatic who will cut you in half without hesitation (except to taunt you) and wants the world to burn. And like… just imagining him making music business phone calls on his way to killing someone. And once he’s done with that he goes out for dinner somewhere. Or runs into an acquaintance and makes small talk, which turns into some bizarre discussion you just can’t make up. And he picks up the newspaper at a convenience store to skim through for relevant things but ends up reading all the dumb little comics. He’s just… real. Too real. He does David Bowie impressions in the shower. We still take him seriously, he’s still a dangerous criminal, but he’s a person too. And that’s as much his downfall as it is anything good.

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#sitting here annoying ikumatsu by thinking deeply about bansai #think deeply about bansai. bansai is important. goddamnit woman this is bansai's blog you were the one who decided to come here #[sighs obnoxiously] #anyway my thoughts!! #so i was thinking how bansai has all these different sides to him #i mean there's the almost-cheerful-but-not-sure-how-to-be #the fake cheerful #which doesn't last long #the completely blank #which has the 'bored' variant and the 'cold-blooded' variant #the evil #the comically serious/missing the point (mostly used for crack tbh) #and then the really rare glimpses of something desperate and emotional #anyway what i was thinking is it's almost like he's a bunch of different people and he just kinda. picks one to be #there is nothing that pisses me off more than this one portrayal i saw a while back where he literally had multiple personalities #it is everything to me that he is all these different things at once #he's the assassin. he's the producer. he's the negotiator. he's some weirdo you bumped into on the street because he wasn't paying attention #he's the loser drunk texting you at 2am despite legitimately trying to murder you only a few months ago #he's drunk because he ended up playing some kind of poetry drinking game with takasugi after giving a report #i just. bANSAI #(also the poetry drinking game is real. i know this i do research) #bansai being all of these things is what makes him so scary #but also so human #i am amazingly proud of what i've done with him #today is a high self-confidence low actual motivation day #er. evening now #outoftune

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//True. Give it time though. Maybe someone with substantial artistic ability will go through your threads and have an epiphany!

// why do you think i’m working so hard to rewrite them and make it all accessible? i have an agenda……………………

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//MUCH BETTER. Seriously I’m going to think about this at least until Wednesday this is that amazing do you realize what you’ve done

// i’ve…… done……. what any shipper with an extreme need and an overlarge music library would have done……….?

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//I heard the first three words of that Florence + The Machine song and lost it this is brilliant