"Ah, were you talking to me? I apologize, you'll have to speak up. But I'm rather busy today; if you've no business with the Kiheitai, I'd suggest you move along. For your own good as much as ours - or perhaps more. Have you any idea who you're dealing with...?"

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Anonymous asked:
I've noticed how that huge dog the helicopter tosser has in his house kind of sounds like Otsuu. Do you have any plans to launch him in a musical career now that the girl seems to prefer starring in videos that have few to do with music?

"It’s a dog. And even if it does have outstanding musical talents, its owners would be sharing the profit and that doesn’t exactly sit well. Not the greatest idea you anons have ever suggested.”


While she run quick calculations about which way would have been faster for reaching the hospital from the place they were, Tama was still able to listen carefully to everything the man was saying. Her processing abilities allowed her to deal with much more complex data and situations, so despite that being the first time she had to deal with somebody hurt in such a serious manner, her freshly acquired knowledge about how to treat such a case somwhat eased her tension about the situation.

On the other hand, having downloaded informations from the most authoritative site about medicine and stored in her memory detailed records about how to proceed in such situations written by important surgeons on the matter wasn’t going to help much if she wasn’t able to get the collaboration of the wounded person, and despite all she still could feel that he wasn’t going to completely trust her, and it wasn’t just because of the questions he had asked and his defiant attitude despite his condition.

"Well, I guess you’re right, if that makes you feel more at your ease I can’t deny you the right to make some small talk. Just please don’t strain yourself any further." she then conceded him. It would have been much better for him to stay quiet and collaborate, so that she could have carried out all the required procedures as quickly as possible, but somehow she felt like this wasn’t going to happen any time soon with that person. 

"And as for ethical matters, this sounds like an interesting matter to bring up, especially in this moment." the android went on as she began to slowly pull the coat off the man, paying attention not to shake him too much and checking out every small reaction on the other’s part. "But just as a curiosity, who are those person that would consider it ‘less ethical’, as you said, to help you than to leave you to die?"

"Hmm…" Bansai resisted the urge to mockingly count on his fingers while listing off every person in existence — not only would that be the exact opposite of helpful, he couldn’t use one of his hands anyway. "Let’s see. Anyone in an Amanto-owned establishment, for starters. That would include the local hospital."

He smiled ruefully. “We samurai aren’t terribly popular among the Amanto, if you hadn’t noticed. As far as their business is concerned, we’d all be better off dead. And I may as well be, if you bring me straight into their hands. And just how ethical would that be?” The words were serving a double purpose; a distraction from his current situation and a way to salvage what he could of it. And he couldn’t even be accused of lying.

Just a little harmless misdirection, that was all. It was hard to keep an honest sound in his voice, but he couldn’t give up. Not now. Though he felt particularly lucid, he knew it couldn’t be long before the effects of the blood loss caught up to him. Not to mention the pain— no, he couldn’t think about it.

"So you see, I haven’t much of a choice. I do have an idea, though, if you’re willing to oblige."

(Source: tamashii-no-kyoku)


Takasugi paused a moment before he let go of Bansai’s yukata, and drove his fist into Bansai’s jaw. 

"You’re a fool," he growled, watching Bansai to see if he would fight back, but seeing only more of the same abject defeat. "Do you think that any of us exist as more than those webs of expectations and relationships? Aren’t we all shaped by what the people around us imagine we are? Who do you think I am, Bansai?”

He rocked back on his heels, trying to find the right words to express something too painful for words. “We are - you and I - made by the people who shaped our lives. They are part of us, even if we would rather be our own selves. Even,” he thought of Gintoki and Zura, “Even if we detest them.”

"That music you claim to hear? Aren’t you the one bringing it to life and making it part of yourself? Do you really think it all exists outside of you?

Bansai heard the warning note first and everything — if he’d felt like it, he could have dodged the punch. He didn’t. He had no excuses.

The impact sent him sprawling, but that wasn’t what he felt. It was Takasugi’s words, lacking any sort of cold rationality. And his song was…

"I—" It was difficult to do anything but remain silent. "I don’t know how to answer that."

A pause — a few answers flashed through his head that could have shut Takasugi up, but those weren’t what he needed to say.

"But I do know… I’ve always avoided getting directly involved when I could. I left behind the ones that could have influenced me — I never let anyone affect me, not in an irreversible way." It wasn’t true and he knew it, but he wished it could be. Weakness was not foreign to him, but it was impossible to get used to. Or should he call it weakness at all? “That I feel anything at all is proof that you’re right.” Though he really didn’t want to, he pulled himself unsteadily to his feet.

"Really, I should have liked to remain a blank slate. If only that were possible." The noise that escaped him could almost pass for a laugh. “If I let one song change me, then all of them will. And being no one was easier to manage than being everyone.”



"I’ve no understanding of this holiday of yours, but if you wish to avoid your mother that badly…” A short pause to think; did he really have time for this? “What do you suppose I’ll have to do to make this work?” He frowned at the other’s wrists, trying to make sense of the gesture. “I haven’t got handcuffs or anything, if that’s what you’re going for. You’ll have to come along willingly. Or else.”

"It celebrates how the Jews were able to escape slavery in Egypt thousands of years ago," Alexei explained, putting his hands on the back of his head instead. He had mistaken Bansai for the kind of man who carried zip ties around with him. "Or else though? That sounds completely serious. I’d better go with you, eh?”

"Well, don’t worry, you won’t be a slave — just a hostage." With some effort, Bansai forced a menacing look onto his face. "And it is serious. Any sudden movements, and I’ll be forced to—” He interrupted himself with a cruel laugh. “But it wouldn’t be any fun if I told you, would it? Now let’s get going, before we attract any attention. …Wait, where are we going?”

tamashii-no-kyoku asked:
"Is that supposed to scare me?"


The Governor shifted his gaze from the curious-looking man to the gun in his hand before he allowed his brow to furrow.

"…no. I was just showin’ y’ it…" A pause and then a shrug. "I wouldn’t bother scarin’ y’, I’d just fire…"

"Well, that’s a relief. You’d be wasting your time otherwise."

This man had a strange accent — was that how people sounded when they’d perfected English and gotten lazy, or was it the opposite? Stranger still was…

"Any particular reason you feel the need to point that gun at me, though?" Bansai asked casually, as though there was nothing threatening about it whatsoever. "I could give you one if you’d like, but I’d rather not start something so early in the morning…"




Is there something going on you’d like to tell me about, Bansai?

Nothing out of the ordinary, nor that you’d like to hear about.

Is this about managing Otsu’s new career?

… Yes. Yes, it is. I’m not terribly pleased by that particular development, but if it’s what sells…


Is there something going on you’d like to tell me about, Bansai?

Nothing out of the ordinary, nor that you’d like to hear about.

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That sounds like something I could do. Let’s see if it’ll fit into my schedule…

"It’d be a bit ironic considering the holiday, but you know what? I don’t care. I’d sooner spend Passover with you than with my mom." He shows Bansai his wrists. "Bring it."

"I’ve no understanding of this holiday of yours, but if you wish to avoid your mother that badly…” A short pause to think; did he really have time for this? “What do you suppose I’ll have to do to make this work?” He frowned at the other’s wrists, trying to make sense of the gesture. “I haven’t got handcuffs or anything, if that’s what you’re going for. You’ll have to come along willingly. Or else.”

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