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Deciding it would be better to drop the subject altogether rather than try to convince this boy that he wasn’t a quack, Alexei remained silent for a moment.

"You do remind me of someone," he said. "Though, I’m not sure changing your hair color would change that very much. It’s more in your face and the way you’re carrying yourself."

Alexei shook his head. “The man you look like is a little different though. He’s older than you and a bit taller, and he’s done some rather violent things, but I think that’s about where it ends.” He frowned. “Now, if you don’t mind my asking, what shade of green? Neon green doesn’t look like it’d be your color.”

"Violent things…?" That was a bit uncanny; that would mean the only difference was the age. But he pretended his concern was for a more normal reason. “I might not want to meet him, then.”

Bansai sighed. “Sometimes there are people who look similar, for no real reason — there are people who sound oddly alike, too, but…” He trailed off, then continued with a more understandable train of thought. “I assumed you meant there was someone else making the same stylistic choices as me, which would be… somewhat offensive. I invented all of this myself.”

He ran a hand through his hair somewhat distractedly. “Not neon green, though? Hmm, you’re right — something darker would be best. And while you’re offering opinions on this, do you think I should cut it?”

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Drawing Out Bad Blood - tamashii-no-kyoku


They barely had time to register who it was that had narrowly missed mowing them both down on a motorcycle before the biker stopped and turned around. Vlad’s muscles tensed.

"Speak of the devil, and there he is," Vlad whispered to Alexei. Then, louder and in Japanese: "Good evening, sir!"

"We’re just on our way home from eating out," Alexei said, grabbing the back of Vlad’s shoulder so they could both return the bow. He stared at Bansai for a moment longer — from what he had seen, he wasn’t usually so showy unless he was up to something.

"And what about you, Bansai-san?" he asked. "You looked like you were in a hurry there for a moment."

"We were also just speaking of you, in part," Vlad admitted, smiling politely. Alexei shot him an incredulous look that was promptly shrugged off. "Were you having a sneezing fit all of the sudden and decided to come find the causes?"

"Quite on the contrary, I am in no hurry at all. I was only on my way to work." He was supposed to be hurrying, but it would be a simple matter to make up some lost time. Something about having a motorcycle instead of having to walk for an hour took away any feeling of urgency.

"I had assumed it was only allergies." He smiled calmly. "Am I now considered a worthy discussion topic? How delightful." There was nothing in Bansai’s face or voice to suggest whether he was truly delighted by this or not, but there was a strange lightness to the way he moved as he took a few steps closer. As though he was just casually joining a conversation.

Rather than ask exactly what they’d been saying about him — he was curious, but it didn’t feel too important just yet — Bansai turned his attention to Alexei. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. “You sound far too wary, Alyosha-san. Is it really such a surprise that I would stop to say hello at this point?”

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♛ :If your muse were a ruler, how would they use their power?

No man should have that much power. Especially not this man. But really, he wouldn’t know what to do. It wouldn’t be good, I can say that much with certainty, but it’d be more that he’d be a really poor ruler. He has leadership skills, but not the drive to stand at the top. He wouldn’t rule at all. He’d only pay attention to what interests him in the country and leave the rest to advisors or council members or whatever. People he picked himself, not elected ones, because they have to be up to his standards.

Also he’d probably constantly pick fights with other countries/groups, spark controversies and civil wars, and generally deliberately heck everything up. He can out-assassin people sent to assassinate him. Do not make Bansai a ruler what the hell are you thinking. He’d give the best public speeches but that is the only plus side I can see.

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♡ and ♧ ! (and it's nice to see you back!)

♡ :Would your muse sacrifice themselves or their time/money to help someone else in need? Or would they mind their own business?

That greatly depends on the specific situation. He might give some time or money to strangers if he likes their song, but he’s unlikely to put his life (or anything real significant) at risk unless it’s someone he cares for. Which is really only Takasugi. In theory. He minds his own business at all times, there are just some times when he makes other people’s business his own.

♧ :Is fate something your muse believes in?

Not really, no. He sees what happens in life as a progression of cause and effect (something like karma, minus the fact that he’d have the worst karma out of anyone), which can well mean that something could be destined to happen because he brought it on himself, but it wasn’t fated all along — he caused it. And yet he doesn’t feel guilt.

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☁, ❤

☁ :Nietzsche said that “hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man”. How does your muse feel about that?

Already answered this.

❤ :Plato said that “love is a serious mental disease”. What does your muse think of that?


It’s a terminal disease too. It will be the end of him some day, it’s just a question of when. He shouldn’t (especially with all his other glaring flaws), but he really blames all his mistakes on falling in love. The worst mistake a Bansai could ever make. To use RP examples, cutting off his relationship with Ikumatsu was more a way of saving himself than because she wanted him gone. And most of the animosity he felt toward her was because he absolutely could not allow himself to feel anything else. Look what happened last time. And of course, he’ll fall (platonically) in love with people’s songs at every turn. Which is nothing but utter foolishness to the… “rational” parts of him. But he can’t stop it. Someone help him, he has a heart.

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☁ :Nietzsche said that “hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man”. How does your muse feel about that?

Oh boy. His answer would be something along the lines of “……….” He agrees with it very much, but doesn’t necessarily like it all the time. That’s the sort of sentiment he’d repeat when right up in someone’s face taunting them (so that means he’s really bitter about it). Really he’s not a pessimist, but hoping for good things to come while simultaneously wanting the world to end doesn’t work out for him.

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Vladimir Dyakov MUST be stopped.

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  • ♞ : Does your muse have a strict honor code?
  • ♧ : Is fate something your muse believes in?
  • ✍ : Have your muse say what their motto in life is (or if they don't have one, have them think about it).
  • ⚁ : Does your muse agree that "fortune favors the brave"?
  • ✞ : Is your muse religious? Which religion do they follow, if any?
  • ☁ : Nietzsche said that "hope in reality is the worst of all evils because it prolongs the torments of man". How does your muse feel about that?
  • ⚖ : Does your muse believe in reincarnation? An afterlife?
  • ✌ : Is your muse a pacifist? To what degree?
  • ♛ : If your muse were a ruler, how would they use their power?
  • ❤ : Plato said that “love is a serious mental disease”. What does your muse think of that?
  • ☞ : Would your muse call out someone who does something bad on a busy street?
  • ♫ : Lots of philosophers talk about the significance of music. What does music mean to your muse?
  • ♡ : Would your muse sacrifice themselves or their time/money to help someone else in need? Or would they mind their own business?
  • ✿ : Does your muse feel a strong connection to any of the seasons? Why?
  • ✧ : What does your muse think the meaning of life is?

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Drawing Out Bad Blood - tamashii-no-kyoku


As much as Vlad didn’t want to admit it, he didn’t get to see enough of his sons. With one overseas and the other living on his own, he found himself suffering in an empty nest, even with a nine-month-old child and a husband in the house. He cherished these moments where he and Alexei went out for dinner and caught up, making sure the boy wasn’t endangering himself (he wasn’t, mostly) and walking back to the flat, talking.

Still, some trouble hid in the back of Vlad’s mind. Alexei was relatively sensible, but he had had his lapses. That seemed to be the case with that man whose hairstyle reminded Vlad of an asparagus, but Alexei seemed calm about the ordeals he had been through thus far.

"You don’t think this may come back to haunt you?" he asked while they walked back home. "Alyosha, he’s admitted he’s a killer and you don’t know if he’s going to hurt you someday or not."

"I know, but what’s the point?" Alexei asked. "My entire livelihood revolves around networking, Dad. What’s the point of making another enemy if I’m pretty sure there’s a larger chance that a ghost might kill me?"

They continued like that, arguing back and forth in Russian as they turned down a side street, away from the bustle of the business district. For as many bad encounters as they had, neither seemed to be worried at all.

"He’s a more imminent threat to you, so how am I supposed to not worry?" Vlad asked. "If I let him hurt you again, I would never forgive myself."

"You and I both know that would be a mistake on the attacker’s part," Alexei said, patting Vlad on the shoulder. "Don’t worry about it!"

There was little to be cherished in Bansai’s day. The mild weather and idle nature of the few people around the side streets were completely lost on him — or perhaps lost by him, as he thoroughly disrupted nearly everything he passed on his motorcycle.

He shot out of an alley at full speed, steering quickly to narrowly avoid two pedestrians, only to skid to a dead stop in the middle of the road right after. Not just “two pedestrians”, no, that was…

Bansai always had an uncanny sense of timing, regardless of whether he was using it consciously or not. This, it seemed, was an excellent example of the latter. He’d been on his way across the city, but this sounded like an acceptable detour. Barely suppressing a laugh, he turned the bike around and slowly drove it back onto the sidewalk, ahead of Alyosha and his father.

They had real names now, but just thinking about those would ruin the cool expression he still had on. There was a time and place to accidentally let that knowledge slip.

To avoid having to raise his voice, Bansai killed the engine and jumped — quite literally, with a flourish — to the ground before he spoke a word.

He finally greeted them, bowing deeply, strikingly formal (as always) to the point of contradicting himself, “Good evening, gentlemen. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

To your terrible luck, I expect.

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Once Upon a Midnight Dreary || ushirokara


Beyond glanced up from his beverage, head tilting slightly. “You’ve never talked while playing a game?” Allowing a small smile to tug at his lips, he took another sip and placed his cup down on the coffee table. “No, I don’t intend to play games. It’s just that I usually put a brief pause between arrival and discussion of sensitive topics. However—” he stopped and looked at the clock mounted on the opposite wall, “—it’s been four and a half minutes, so I don’t mind getting down to business.”

Beyond cracked his neck and twisted his body, grunting at the subsequent popping in his spine. “Really, there are a lot of things I could say behind closed doors, but I feel we’d get things done more quickly if I knew what you were interested in knowing. I’d be willing to talk about most things—my criminal record, details about the victims I’ve had, my knowledge of underground criminals, my work as a detective, and so on and so forth.”

Suddenly, he slid from the couch and onto his knees at Bansai’s feet, pale fingers extending to curl up the other’s pant leg. Frowning, he stood back up and stepped over the other’s legs. “I nearly forgot that I agreed to bandage your ankle, as well. You decide what you want me to talk about, and I’ll go get the first aid kit. And, just for clarification, saying ‘tell me everything’ is a viable option. It will take a long time, but I will comply to that demand.”


It took no more than a minute to grab the plastic box from the bathroom, and even quicker than that, he was seated beside Bansai with an expectant look on his face. “Don’t worry, I can treat and talk at the same time. I’m an excellent multitasker that way, you understand.” He pointed to his lap, waiting for Bansai to surrender his ankle.

"Is that really necessary?" Bansai nearly jumped when his new acquaintance moved so suddenly — he’d forgotten, too. "I only landed on it at an odd angle; it should be fine by morning either way." But, hesitant as he was, he offered the man his foot, turning to sit more comfortably.

He was tempted to ask for the full story, but, as he had no intention of telling his own life’s story, he had to stick only to what was relevant. “You sound awfully eager to answer my questions. Is it because I seem to be someone worth talking to?”

The alternative — that this was all a way of tricking him into letting his guard down — would not leave his mind, but nonetheless nothing Legato had said sounded like a lie. Indeed, even his alias was invented by Bansai and not given as though it was real.

A very elaborate lie, then. Somehow, that felt familiar.

"Hmm. I’ve so many questions, I do not know where to start. I suppose I am chiefly concerned with who exactly you are. You can spare the details of your crimes, but…" It was somewhat difficult to choose the right words. What did he really want to say? "If I may venture a deduction, you likely wish to find out how I operate. I must say, I feel the same way. However, I will admit it is not entirely a matter of simple curiosity on my part. You must understand already, I am rather unnerved by the thought that we may have very much in common.”

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A Subtle Remix


At this the Little Prince laughed, finding it quite funny that the thought of looking at stars would be unsettling to some.”I know that suns are stars, but that does not make them any less pretty to look at.”

The Prince had calmed his laughing down to silence for a few moments before breaking it with a question asking,”Have you watched the sun set before? They are certainly very pretty when they are going to sleep.”

Rather than offended that the boy laughed at his completely honest words, Bansai was relieved — taking this sort of discussion too seriously would be nothing but trouble. He allowed himself to relax again.

"You certainly do focus a great deal on beauty, don’t you? I have lived long enough to see many sunsets; too many to keep track of them all." He glanced absently at the sky. "I do not pay them much attention anymore."

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Alexei relaxed a little. The pitch might’ve been the same, but his speech pattern suddenly slipped towards something more casual.

"Sorry, it’s just that you look really familiar," he admitted.

He took a deep breath. “They’ve had a market for that for thousands of years, actually. Around here, I have to compete with miko, but I get decent business since my results tend to be more… permanent. What do you do that isn’t much better than what I do?”

"Familiar?" This was somehow more offensive than concerning. "I shouldn’t be familiar to someone I have never met.” Though it wasn’t at all impossible for someone to have seen him in passing before…

Bansai frowned, looking away — he didn’t know how to respond to being proven wrong. “Well,” he muttered, “you’re right, there’re enough people who claim to know about spirits around. People will ask anyone for help if they think there’s a problem like that. But that you’d make a living from it… and about what I do, I really feel you’d rather not know.”

He changed the subject quickly, returning to his usual tone of voice. “But, familiar. Do you mean to say I remind you of someone? I shouldn’t look like anyone else. Though I am overdue for an image change — I am almost thinking of dyeing my hair green next.”

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